Monday, October 1, 2012

October updates

October has come, I shall say it will be a good month for me. Why? Because I already hit my Oct target! YES! But of course I will continue to work so by December I can really have my long break without worrying on my sales. Friends do ask about me how is my work, relationship and bla bla bla.

As for work, I am doing very well in current company, I just received a certification of recognition! In short, I am the top sales for the whole healthcare team! I am proud of myself for hitting 148% for Quarter 2. 2012. Thanks to all the supportive customers like Dr's and pharmacists. A quick view on my cert :)

If everything run smoothly, I shall be on leave by end of November, and I am still searching travelling places, it has been sometime since my Hanoi trip last year.