Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My hospitalized days

On a lovely Sunday night, the greedy stomach suddenly cried non stop, made noise.
Until the next morning, the pain was not subset, without hesitation, I rushed to family Dr once the clinic opened, Dr have not idea what was going on, so, she referred me to Sunway Hospital.
Here I was, did scanning, ultrasounds, finally Dr diagnosed my whole stomach filled with blood, the blood suppressed my nerve when I lied down which caused my body ached. Operation decision was made!
I being poked a few holes on my hand due to glucose dripped and pain killer injected, pain like hell! 
  After the operation, blood pipes, glucose pipes and urine pipes were inserted into my body. 
On the first two days, I was not able to laugh nor walk.Many friends and colleagues came by visited. Until the third day, thank god i was able to go down from bed, walked in small distance and laughed alone in the ward while watched Mr BEAN!
 My pale face, first time ever in my life I was hospitalized! 
Please no more next time! I was not able to bare to pain anymore!

No solid food until the 2nd day, I able to drink plain water, Dr made sure no vomit then I started to take porridge, mee sua, rice....all home cooked by my lovely mummy.Without her, I would not recovered that fast. This was my third day breakfast, wholemeal bread with butter jam.

 Hospital meal..yucks :( Chinese believed patient cannot eat chicken after operation yet they served chicken. Mummy finished all the hospital meal and me get to eat home cooked!
 Che Choeng, the vietnam boy and my Most beloved cousin, Chloe visited me, played in the ward
Celebrated my dear birthday in hospital. He was so excited waiting for his birthday pass few weeks, sang the "its my birthday song" on the phone for few nights, yet I can't celebrate with him outside . I promised to replace a nice one for you :)

 Good shot by Chloe

When I can start to laugh and talk

Million of thank you who came on my operation day and stopped by to visit! 


Faith is believe in something which cannot be seen
Do I still have the faith ?
I doubt.