Monday, January 30, 2012


He was once my only one
He was such a cute boy to me
The one who can make me laugh & cry
He has a pair of small oriental eye
With sunshine smile on his face
Not to be missed
His kiddo voice
The first time I heard his voice over the phone
Am laughing non stop

Every greeting I received
Morning & Night
Has make up my day
His hugging was warm
His kisses was sweet
His heart was kind

Although there were bad time
He was still caring & lovely
Every single present I received, chosen carefully
Every single present there was meaning behind it
Every single sweet moment
never deleted from my brain
I guess it will never be

Letting go was not a good choice nor a bad one
Believing in looking for a better one
Seeing him success I felt happy for him
Will be supporting him mentally
All the very best wishes
From the bottom of my heart


I am praying
I have a healthier body
I have a stronger immune system