Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loss card again

Today, 8th Feb 2012 si beh sueh! I loss my 2nd touch & go card within a month! The first was loss unintentionally! I remembered clearly I put inside the drawer in the car but when I wanted to use it, I couldn't find it anymore :( The 2nd card was loss in SJMC car park. I tagged in hospital with my card, when I wanted to tag out I realised the card was not inside the car anymore! I was so frustrated!!! I searched the whole car but I couldn't find it, so, I walked to the service counter, told them I loss my card and the guard was kind enough not to charge me for any loss card penalty! Haih, when I called to cancel my card, the girl told me this is the 2nd card I loss....sibeh sia sui :(
My friends all laugh at me and I am still thinking where the hell that card walk to.....

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PArtIal's Life.. said...

it will come out when you are not looking for them..