Friday, April 30, 2010

Little sister

Random post dedicated to my little sister
A little bored with my study (Food Law never easy )
I screened through my FB photo album and I found this
Too cute and i couldn't help to print screen it
Just a random day we chatted in skype
She showed me her teeth
With the wires tied around
Some how, she looks like how she looked like in kindergarten
With the fringe clipped on
I remembered those time
I walked to school to bring her back home
We were not holding hand
But, she loves to hop and hop all the way back home
And she also eats faster than me
I am always the one with appetite problem
Although we did fight for everything
After all, i still miss her!
Can't wait for her August flight again!

1 comment:

さやろん said...

weiii post my fugly photo again!! nehmine.. i din know i hop back home wan ahhahaah i used to think i fly hahahaha..